The Victor and his people – at a glance

1) God has come to man. But the world had been divided by rival lords.Each is at war with every other, the unprotected are taken captive, and the war of all
is directed also against God.

2) God set himself against them to wrest back those oppressed by them. God has defeated these masters and is recovering from them and
reintegrating all parts of the world they divided.

3) He has seized us from all corners of the world, and brought us together as his assembly, a distinct new people, the start of the regeneration of the old creation, and first batch of the new.

4) The old masters have been defeated and their peoples taken from them. The forcing of this admission from them is part of this defeat. We were the old masters, and we were also their victims.

5) On the cross the Son sketches two parties and two outcomes. He represents us – to us, first dramaturgically, then constitutively. His display dissuades us from continuing towards one and turns towards the other outcome.

6) Instead of annihilating the irresponsible masters the Son displays their annihilation himself. He plays out the defeat and exposure of the rebel leaders on the cross.

7) The Son parodies our action and demonstrates its failure, and points to his own perfecting human performance as the escape route out of our failing human performance. He stampedes us away from the danger he points to and through the gate he opens to us – into the train of his captives.

8) We desert our old masters and surrender to him. He keeps the pressure on until the surrender is universal and the rebellion over.

9) The Son closes down our local headquarters, disconnects the autonomous mind, so we no longer receive our orders from it but, by the Spirit, through the body of Christ, direct from him.

10) God refused from us what did not belong to him, and turned our unfinished acts into finished ones, bad reciprocity into good reciprocity.

11) The Son provides the missing reciprocity and action. He set himself to the labour of extricating people from the consequences of their actions. He supplied endings to these actions that no one else could.

12) The Holy Spirit makes us a spiritual body that cannot be penetrated or split up by any external forces.

13) The Son is raised by the whole company of heaven. He is the glory of Israel, who made him and handed him on to us. He opens the community of Israel, to let us in.

14) Flooded by the Holy Spirit the world has become a unified life-supporting ecosystem through which the Spirit diffuses directly into each body, re-engineering our metabolism to take ever increasing dosages of reality and freedom from him.