The plot of Scripture according to Mark

The king comes back at the end of the year to see how his managers have fared with the estate he gave them. The well-being of the whole people is the criterion by which they will be judged. If the people is covered in sores and blemishes, the managers will be removed from their post and the post will be given to someone else. On the morning of that annual general meeting, the bailiffs will knock the door down and throw them out to those they defrauded 

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Colin E. Gunton and the concept of mediation

The doctrine of the Trinity is the means to talk about the world of action for God and man together that God has opened for us in Jesus Christ. Gunton champions the atonement as the medium of that enlightening which is brought by the revealing of Jesus Christ. He has laid out the central idioms of the atonement – divine justice, the victory of Christ, and sacrifice, and used the conceptuality of metaphor to do so.
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